New England

Keep The Edge Studios

  • 1150 Hancock St. LL1
  • Quincy MA 02169
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The Scoop

Keep The Edge Studios is the premier recording facility on the South Shore, just 20 minutes away from downtown Boston (and right across the street from the Quincy Center T station). A 2,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, Keep The Edge includes two control rooms with large live rooms and multiple ISO booths, a grand piano and a lounge.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: Jaqui Grae, Scott Kulman, Dana Kyle, Mayssa Karaa, Dalton and the Sheriffs
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Keith Asack, Kim Pfluger
Special Features: Large Tracking Room, Grand Piano, Keep The Edge Publishing, Design, Marketing Services, Video Production, Multiple Iso Booths with Sightlines, Lounge, Kitchenette


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Digidesign Control 24, Avid Pro Tools HD3 9 (A), 8 LE (B), Ableton Live 9, Apogee Big Ben, Digidesign 192s
Outboard Gear: Avalon 737SP Compressor/Pre/EQ, Blue Robbie Mic Preamp, Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor, Grace 801 Mic Preamp, Joe Meek Twin Q Pre/EQ/Compressor, Korg Triton Rack FX, Lexicon PCM 70, MOTU 8Pre (Studio B), Purple Audio MC77, Switchcraft 96 Point TT Patch Bays, True Precision 8 Mic Preamp, Universal Audio 4-710 Pre/Compressor
Microphones: AKG C414 BULS, AKG D112, Powers Microphone Company “The Kerry”, Powers Microphone Company “The Kelsey”, Blue Blueberry, Countryman E6 Headset (for video), Neumann KM 184, Neumann TLM 103, Neumann U87ai, Royer 121, Sennheiser e604, Sennheiser MD421, Shure Beta 56a, Shure Beta 57, Shure Beta52a, Shure KSM 27, Shure KSM 44, Shure SM57, Shure SM58, Shure SM7B, Yamaha Subkick, Zoom H4 Field Recorder
Monitoring: AKG K240S Headphones, Auratone 5c Mixcubes, Dangerous Music Monitor ST, Dynaudio BM15a, EVE Audio SC205 (Studio B), Genelec 6010a, Hearback Personal Monitoring, Polk Audio PSW 110 Sub, Sennheiser HD280 Headphones, Yamaha NS10s
Software: Pro Tools 9, Ableton Live 9, Digital Performer 7, Finale Notation Software, Propellerhead Reason 5, Amplitube 3, Metal, Fender, SVX Bass, Arturia Analog Factory, Avid HD3 Plugin Pack, Drumagog, Elysia Mpressor, Ivory Grand Piano Suite, iZotope Alloy 2, iZotope Iris, iZotope Nectar, iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced + Insight, iZotope RX Advanced, iZotope Spectron, iZotope Stutter Edit, iZotope Trash 2, McDSP Emerald Pack, Melodyne Studio / Editor, Miroslav Philharmonik, Sample Moog, Sampletank 2, Sampletron, Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine Sonik Synth, SoundToys TDM Effects Bundle V4, Synchro Arts Vocalign, TRackS3 Mastering Suite, Waves Mercury Bundle
Instruments & Amps: Yamaha G5 6’7" Grand Piano, Hammond M3 Organ, Yamaha Motif ES8, Fender Acoustic-Electric, Standard Strat SSS, Fender Telecaster ’72 Thinline RI, Washburn Acoustic, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drums, Pearl Masters Custom Snare, Various Percussion Toys, Fender Bassman Head (’68), Fender Blues Deville 4×10", Fender Supersonic, Marshall AVT50, Mesa Boogie 2×12" Cabinet, Vox AC30